Campaign Goals

As a new political party, TLA has a clean foundation on which to build.

In less than a year, two campaigns were launched regarding TLA’s current goal to improve on education. The Big Brother Project and Helping Hands have been functioning for over 6 months and have reached over 300 communities, helping just under 6 000 students.

With more financial support, TLA wishes to launch the following projects:

  • TeacherTalk – a conference for local, underprivileged schools to communicate ideas and gain experience through a course led by Dr. Jonathan Davids.
  • Read 2 Feed – a multi-beneficial programme that promotes reading in local communities. Companies supply food to underprivileged schools according to the number of books read.


The Legacy Alliance strives to reach these goals in the next year.



Current Campaigns

  • The Big Brother Project

Encouraging older students to assist in the studies of their younger peers. The Big Brother Project sees high-achieving students in higher grades assisting students who are struggling as a form of ‘Peer Tutorship’ offering a reward of bursaries according to improved results and/or time spent with their younger student ‘brother’. This programme focuses on male-to-male assistance due to the demand.

  • Helping Hands

Open to all. Helping Hands sees the re-organization and distribution of textbooks to less advantaged communities. Volunteers are sent to schools with poor supply of textbooks for a day to teach as well as do distribute pre-used textbooks and stationery accordingly.











A bit about us…

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

                     -Nelson Mandela

A quote which appears to have been forgotten by the leaders of our country.

We, as The Legacy Alliance strive to achieve free, quality education across the entire of South Africa, showing no prejudice regarding race, gender and financial well-being, ensuring a single step closer to equality for all. As the father of our country –Nelson Mandela- recognized the importance of education, so we strive to continue his legacy.